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Wood St. Centre offers several unique programs which include:

CHAOS – Community : Heritage : Adventure : Outdoors : Skills – CHAOS is an experiential program that is offered to Yukon students in grades 9 and 10 and is be based at Wood Street. “CHAOS” stands for Community, Heritage, Adventure, Outdoors and Skills. These programs have been developed in collaboration with the First Nations Programs and Partnerships Unit at the Department of Education.

CHAOS 9 Pamphlet
CHAOS 9 Application 2017-18
CHAOS 10 Pamphlet
CHAOS 10 Application 2017-18

ACES (Achievement, Challenge, Environment and Stewardship) – is a Yukon public school program of studies for grade 10 students. The program integrates Social Studies 10, Science 10, Outdoor Pursuits and Physical Education 10 (including 30 days of outdoor experience).
ACES Application 2017-18

FACES (French, Achievement, Challenge, Environment, Stewardship) is a Yukon Public school program of studies for grade 10 students with instruction in French. The program integrates Science Humaines 10 (FSS 10), Éducation physique (FPE 10), Sciences 10 (FSC 10), and Plein air et environment (FOE 10), including 30 days of outdoor activities.
FACES Application 2017-18

Experiential Science 11 – is a Yukon public school program of studies for grade 11 students. The program integrates Biology 11, Geography 12, Chemistry 11, Art 11. The program features 30 to 35 days of field studies each semester and two days each week in Yukon College science labs.
ES 11 Application 2017-18

OPES (Outdoor Pursuits and Experiential Science)/PASE (Plein Air et Sciences Experientielles) – OPES 9 and PASE 9 are Yukon public school programs of studies for grade 9 students. The programs integrates Science 9, Social Studies 9, Physical Education 9 and Outdoor Pursuits. The program features 3-5 over night trips each semester and a variety of day trips.
OPES Application 2017-18/ PASE Application 2017-18

MAD (Music Arts and Drama) – MAD is a highly successful program whcih provides students with four to five-credit courses including: English, social studies, theatre performance, and a choice between several fine arts and applied skills. The MAD 9/10 program is held every fall semester and is based out of Wood Street Centre. The goal of the program is to provide students with a solid foundation in creative dramatics, acting, stagecraft, music, dance and play writing fundamentals. MAD 9/10 is available to all Whitehorse secondary school students.
MAD Application 2017-18